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Alan Lisk


Music for film/television & dance classes

Alan Lisk has a longstanding and distinguished career as an accompanist for contemporary dance, working with Britain’s most influential dance teachers and choreographers. In addition, he is a successful and respected composer of music for film and television.

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Alan Lisk was born in Belfast and studied French Horn and piano at the Ulster College of Music. He later attended Dartington College of Arts, Rolle College and Trinity College of Music London.

After teaching music for several years as a brass peripatetic teacher for Devon County Council, he took an advanced course in music and film at the London International Film School (whilst studying at Trinity College of Music) and began composing music for film and television. Throughout this time he has worked as an accompanist and composer for contemporary dance.

In 1994 he gained an MA in Music from Kingston University, studying Ethnomusicology-Conducting and New Age Music. Alan was a visiting lecturer for the undergraduate and MA courses in Film and TV composing.

Alan has his own professional recording studio, using Logic Pro. He has completed a Logic Certificate course with Berklee University. He also records and edits music for dance companies. He has engineered the music for the Rambert Dance School, Images for Dance (London Studio Centre) and Matthew Bourne’s The Infernal Galop.

Alan specialises in music for:

Music for Dance Classes

For three decades Alan has worked in the dance world, playing live accompaniment for many illustrious dance teachers and choreographers.

He has also worked with a diverse range of top dance schools throughout his career.

Dance Schools & Organisations Alan has worked with:

Music for Film & Television

Alan has composed extensively for film and television including Ian Sharps’ ‘Yesterday’s Dreams’, ‘Pleasure’, ‘Tess of the D’urbervilles‘, ‘Codename Kyril’, ‘Secret Weapon’ and comedy ‘Mrs Caldicots Cabbage War’. He also composed the theme tune to the award Winning ‘Men Behaving Badly’.

His work has been BAFTA-nominated and is under contract with Virgin/EMI Music Publishing Ltd, BMG Music and Bucks Music.

Alan is a professional member of the Ivors Academy, PRS and MCPS. He has also composed for British Airways, Ford & Thorpe Park.

Gallery & Other Highlights

Men Behaving Badly CD cover & beer mat

Men Behaving Badly CD and beer mat

Alan was asked to re-record a longer version of the Men Behaving Badly theme, to be added onto the final track 18 of the CD. He rearranged the theme to make it longer and took the Men Behaving Badly band back into the studio to record the CD version.

Alan has a cameo appearance in Tess of the D’Urbervilles

As Alan had composed the music for Tess of the D’Urbervilles, he appeared alongside the Mellstock band in the movie. He is third from the left in the photo. Alan joined the band in the Barn scene as the honorary tambourine player, as he wanted percussion to drive along the track.

Recording Men Behaving Badly theme tune

Alan Lisk working with Les Binks (Ex Judas Priest Drummer), recording the Men Behaving Badly theme at CTS recording studios, Wembley.

Alan’s music is mentioned on the Vintage Film Review: Tess Of The D’Urbervilles


“The original score by Alan Lisk is extremely powerful and perfectly elevates the emotion of any given scene.”

Excerpt from:

Music Jukebox

Listen to some of Alan’s own music, along with performances with bands on tour and as a session musician below.

Alan in his Music Studio

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