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Through the choreographer Anthony van Laast’s involvement in the film Who Dares Wins, Alan became involved in composing music for film and TV, often working with the acclaimed director Ian Sharp.

Alan’s work has been nominated for several Baftas. He was also asked to be on the BAFTA panel to choose the Best TV Composer of the Year.

Music for film, movies and TV series

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Music for the Tess of the D'Ubervilles movie

Tess of the D’Urbervilles


The first aspect Alan considered for this project was the opening sequence, where Tess and the local workers are seen dancing in the field. After discussions with the director (Ian Sharp) and the choreographer, he researched suitable folk music from this period. He contacted The Mellstock Band, who played English traditional folk music on period instruments.

Alan then worked with them to decide on several tunes and the tempo. The music was pre-recorded for the Dance sequences at CTS Studios Wembley. The band lineup and instruments used consisted of the Serpent, Clarinet, Concertina and Violin. The band also performed in the filming of several parts of Tess.

This made-for-T.V. movie is very closely based on Thomas Hardy’s novel, and stars Justine Waddell, Oliver Milburn and Jason Flemyng.

Men Behaving Badly Title Theme Music created by Alan Lisk

Men Behaving Badly

(TV Series)

Alan composed the title theme for this award-winning sitcom, starring Martin Clunes, Neil Morrissey, Leslie Ash and Caroline Quentin.

*The theme for the series is used for Trinity College of Music jazz grade music exams.

Several theme ideas were composed for the series and the first one was picked. Alan wanted the finished track to be played by real musicians rather than using samples. The top session musicians he used were Les Binks (drums), Alan Darby (guitar), John Curry (bass) and Phil Todd (saxophone). Alan Lisk played keyboards and arranged the theme.

The original recording was made at CTS Studios Wembley.

Music for the Codename Kyril TV series

Codename Kyril


Alan composed and recorded the theme tune and the entire soundtrack for a tense tale of Cold War espionage and betrayal.

He first composed a theme for the opening titles, which sounded like a Cimbalom using the technology at the time, the DX7.
The opening theme is repeated with variation, throughout the film.

The film is about a Russian agent who enters England to force a hidden British agent high in the KGB to reveal himself.

Starring Edward Woodward, Ian Charleston, Joss Ackland and Richard E Grant.

Music for the movie Pleasure



As the film was set in France Alan wanted to incorporate the accordion into his score. He also composed the music in the movie for the street band and pub scenes. The theme was set with a three feel using pizzicato strings and accordion.

Alan composed a number of tracks for this film about a time when Emma’s comfortable life is left behind after she answers a Lonely Hearts ad.

Starring Adrian Dunbar (Line of Duty) and Jennifer Ehle (Pride and Prejudice).

Music for Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War Film

Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War


The original demo theme Alan put forward was in a straight four feel. After discussions with the director Ian Sharp, he changed the rhythm of the theme to more of a swing band feel. Alan then focused on a brass section with guitar bass and drums as the main instrumentation.

The music was recorded at Air-Edel Recording Studios, Marylebone.

Alan composed the theme tune and music for use in this film about a not-so-aged widow Thelma Caldicot who is coerced into a rest home by her manipulative son and daughter-in-law, after the death of her bullying husband. Apathy turns to anger and then action as the medication is discarded and Thelma discovers her mettle. She and her aged cohorts stage a rebellion but the result is something nobody envisaged.

Starring Pauline Collins & John Alderton.

Music for the series Yesterday's Dreams

Yesterday’s Dreams

(TV Series)

Alan wrote the music for this romantic drama series produced by Central TV for ITV, starring Judy Lowe and Paul Freeman.

This was Alan’s first TV project which was a 7 part one-hour series. He composed five themes for the director Ian Sharp and all five were used in the series. The music is melodic and after the series was shown on ITV, people were phoning the ITV switchboards, to ask how they could purchase the music. Due to interest in this music, Alan was signed to Virgin Music to distribute the music for the repeat.

Music for the Secret Weapoon film

Secret Weapon


Based on the true story of Mordechai Vanunu who discovered that Israel was stockpiling nuclear weapons.

Starring Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Music for the Maigret Movie



Inspector Maigret takes a special interest when an old colleague, no longer in the service, is murdered on a train and the body hurled into the Seine.

Starring Richard Harris (Gladiator & Dumbledore in Harry Potter)

Music for the RPM movie



A professional car thief pulls off the heist of a lifetime when he steals a prototype supercar. Starring Framke Janssen and David Arquette.

Music for South of the Border Film

South of The Border

(TV Series)

Former school friends Pearl and Finn have a flair for investigations so they decide to try their hands as private detectives.

The series was made for BBC One and was aired for two seasons.

Music for the Tess of the D'Ubervilles movie

The Sitcom Story

(TV Series)

Alan composed the theme tune for this three-part celebration of the television situation comedy, presented by Dawn French.

Alan in his Music Studio

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